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In most car accidents, one can recover money from the driver, the owner of the car, or the car insurance company. In some instances, the insurance company of the driver or the car owner will contact you. During such an event, you might be required to provide facts from the accident and descriptions of injuries along with medical reports.

There are essential things you need to do first. These will help you while you file a lawsuit to claim for your injuries.

•    Write an account of the car accident. It should include the address and what you were doing at that appropriate time.

•    Find a personal injury attorney. H/she will handle the medical reports and reports of the injury more professionally. A personal injury attorney will also help in negotiating for you so that you do not have to deal with the company by yourself. 

•    Take relevant evidence through photographs. Do not take anything from the accident site. Only the police officer or your attorney can do that. However, to show the damages done, taking photographs of the accident site becomes vital proof.

•    Make a proper record of your medical expenses and doctor’s report. It is relevant to prove what you have suffered as a result of the accident to the third party.

•    Take contact information of the driver, the car owner, and their insurance company. Having their contact number is vital in cases where these parties do not contact you. At such a case, you and your attorney will have to reach to them to get your claim.

•    Take notes of your conversation with them and other people around you during the accident.  Ask eyewitnesses what they saw and other additional information. Also, get their contact numbers; this will help your attorney when he negotiates your claim.

There are more other things that will be required to do in the following weeks after the car accident. These are the first step to help you before you file a formal claim through your attorney. A car accident claim suit often tends to get complicated and require patience due to the many parties involved. The points mentioned above are to help ensure a smooth claim process for you.